The Madonna International Charity Peace Award (MICPA) Foundation was founded by Fr. Emmanuel Edeh. The award institution was inaugurated on 19th November 2006 during Madonna International Convention held in Madonna University Elele Campus. The inauguration of this institution is one of unflinching efforts to encourage the perpetuation of Mama Omeogo charity through practical and effective charity which have brought peace to millions of suffering people of God all over the world. So, the inauguration of MICPA has a motivational undertone for the charitable individuals not to relent but to do more. The Peace Award International Institution has a decision making body with Fr. Edeh as the founder. They nominate and decide on awardees and their terms of reference among other things include:

  • To determine the criteria for choosing those who are qualified for the award
  • To determine the level of one’s achievements in the area of practical and effective charity especially at the grassroots level.
  • To determine the monetary valuation of each award to the awardees.

It took the decision making body three good years of brain-storming to come up with effective, efficient and well-articulated criteria for the award presentation. The presentation of the first formal charity peace award was held on 9th January, 2009 at Elele Campus of Madonna University during the first Theological Convention jointly organized in preparation of the second African Synod of Bishops. But one may wisely ask “how did it all start?” To attempt the question, let us look at the background to the Charity Peace Award.


Since its inception, Madonna International Charity Peace Award has been given out to the following deserving persons:

  1. Mrs. Chris Mary Maduka, the director Omeogo Charity Home Makurdi in Benue State who is deeply committed to gathering and looking after children abandoned in Makurdi Barracks by soldiers. She received an award of fifteen thousand Dollars ($15,000),
  2. Most Rev. Rene Maria Ehouzou, the Bishop of Port- Novo, Benin Republic who cares for the destitute and Homeless in Benin Republic. He also received a sum of fifteen thousand Dollars ($15,000).
  3. Archbishop Kelvin Felix, who received the sum of sixty thousand Dollars ($60,000) for the care of the suffering children and people of Haiti following the devastating incident of earthquake in the Island in 2010.
  4. Archbishop Fernando Cappalla who received the sum of forty thousand Dollars ($ 40,000) for the care of suffering children of Vietnam and some parts of the Philippines.
  5. Chief Christopher Ezekagu received $20,000 for the abjectly poor children to go to school in 2011.
  6. Mr. N’Jok Bibum Aloysious & Mrs. Magarete Anne Bibum, from Cameroon in 2011 received $20,000 for the Deaf & Dumb School.
  7. Madame Ngo Djob Marie Catherine for handicapped children in Bepanda Cameroon in 2011 received $20,000
  8. Leanghoin Hoy, a Buddhist from Cambodia for helpless children collected floating on the sea following the catastrophic flood in Cambodia in 2011 received $40,000.
  9. In 2012 the Missionary Sisters of Charity, Calcuta in India for the poor they look after received $40,000.
  10. Also in 2012 Emmanuel Komoda received $10,000 from Yenegoa Bayelsa State to help the flood victims.
  11. In 2012 Deaconnes Debora Aguty received $10,000 from Yenegoa Bayelsa State to help the victims of flood.
  12. In March 2012 family of Mr./Mrs. Emmanuel Obiukwu received cash of N200,000, Jeep and full Scholarship at Madonna University to the two of the children remaining (Maureen and Celestine Obiukwu) after bomb blast in St. Theresa’s Catholic Church, Madalla, Niger State that killed four of their children.