Edeh’s Charity Peace Model (ECPM)

Geared towards the realization of world peace, the Edeh Charity Peace Model (ECPM) is universally applicable for settling: civil cases, criminal cases, pre-conflict, in-conflict and post-conflict cases. ECPM, responds effectively and efficiently to the two dimensions of peace – primordial and secondary, and this response singles it out of other systems or models of peace promoted by other exponents. It is relevant in ushering peace through: Peacekeeping, Peace-making and Peace building in the modern world. ECPM can be applied to any conflict around the world due to its universal application. ECPM arises from the universality of man (‘mmadi’ in Igbo, which translates to ‘the good that is’), which is the focal point of the model. This model has been used to settle over 14 million conflicts and disputes and is gaining wide acceptance within and outside Nigeria.

“Edeh’s Charity Peace Model” lays out how all countries can achieve peace. In addition to offering the philosophy of peace, the teachings of Rev. Fr. Emmanuel M. P. Edeh encourages actions of peace in the modern world. This ideology, which comes from his native African philosophy, allows Fr. Edeh to share his knowledge of philosophy, theology and peace. By embracing the spirit of brotherhood, “Edeh’s Charity Peace Model” encourages people to look after the less privileged in order to obtain world peace.

As Fr. Edeh often says “Charity and love are the languages understood even by the deaf and dumb and as such should be used as sure ways for the realization of world peace.”